Braav to the rescue

At Gofluo we’re all about visibility. But let’s be honest. When it comes to running, we are rookies. As we saw our running community growing, we got all excited & stimulated each other to workout more often. “Do you eat before or after your workout?”, “Running in the morning or in the evening”,.. Our lunch hours were suddenly filled with many fit questions, but no answers. 


BRAAV to the rescue!

The BRAAV girls – Caroline, Céline & Elise to the rescue! As luck would have it, our digital partner had just launched a new platform with their best friend and fit enthusiast Elise, called BRAAV. Caroline & Céline have been our digital gurus for a couple of years now and know Gofluo to its core. Sharing all answers to our questions on how to eat yummy & healthy, workout smart & advice on how to energize body & mind to its fullest. AND, they were so kind to share their running-wisdom with us in this free guide.


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