the ultimate gift guide

The best gifts are those with a message. “Stay safe on route”, “Love to see you shine”,.. Nothing says “I care so much about you” more than giving your loved ones a reflective accessory. This year our team went Gofluo all the way under the Christmas tree. Here’s what we got for our loved ones. If you are a part of our personal family: BIG spoiler alert. STOP. READING. NOW.


For cycling fans

My daddy cool is a big cycling fan. As this bodyglower is inspired by the rainbow jersey worn by the world champion in cycling, it’s the perfect gift. I am going to write “for a real champ” on the name tag of this present. Men, I’m going to score points this Christmas. 

Big Bonus: When dad’s into cycling and his little one copies everything he does, there’s no going wrong with giving matching bodyglowers. Even mom will rock this bodyglower. A real family present. 

For dark (K)nights

No matter your secret santa’s size or taste, these rechargeable design lights never go out of style. Put the cherry on top by adding a sweet card with “You brighten up my day”, “You are my light” & “For dark (K)nights”.

For joggers

If your dad likes to go for a run from time to time, a reflective accessory to stay visible is a small gift with a sweet message. “We love to see you day & night dad!”

For foodies

My grandpa is a real foodie. On the weekend he does a full grocery tour. He cycles to the cheese store, the butcher, get’s his favourite pastries at bakery A. and then cycles to bakery B. for his favourite bread,..  The inner bag of this grocery pannier is crafted from a thermal fabric. So enjoy your looooong chats cycle grandpa, your food will stay good with this bag!

For those who cycle daily

A bodyglower is always a good idea to give. Especially if your secret santa cycles to work daily. This bodyglower is one of our newest. The back is crafted from a perforated fabric to stimulate airflow & prevent sweat outbreaks. The front keeps wind out. The best of both worlds. 

For cool guys

For all hipsters who take safety accessories as something they are too cool for, this waterproof backpack is a great way to show them wrong. 

The ultimate gift guide

For the business men

This pannier has a big shoulder strap & separate laptop storage to cycle to the office in style. This bag is also a big win amongst students who cycle to school. When your commute is over, you can pull the big shoulder strap out of the bag & carry it around easily. This pannier has multiple compartments & a separate laptop storage which makes it super easy to get your belongings organized. 


For big spenders

We all know people who put things on their wishlist waaaay above our spending budget. Maybe they are saving up for a fancy helmet, a waterproof onesie or a cycling bag. Maybe your secret santa always buys what he wants instantly himself. If you write a sweet card and put a gift card code on it, the gift is as sweet as you would have bought a material present.

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