How to pick the safest reflective vest for your kids!

Ready for a new school year? We can’t wait! We’re so over homeschooling and working from home. Everyone is looking forward to a year where our kids can – fingers crossed – cuddle, play, hold hands when standing in line and sit next to each other. 

Going back to school literally, means it’s time to look at reflective vests again. Here are five tips to pick the right vest for your child.

A reflective vest only works if they actually wear it.

Browse through different designs and let them pick their favorites. Do your kids favor flowers or are they completely into army prints? We’re sure you’ll find something they’ll like in our shop. In addition they are less likely to lose their reflective vest if they actually like it.

Set a good example.

Kids learn by copying the behaviour of their heros. If parents and teachers wear their high-vis vests with confidence and guts, the kids will follow. We’ve noticed that children between the ages of 9 and 13 are big fans of our darkjackets for adults, therefore our bestsellers will be available in kids sizes from mid august.

Keep it simple.

We’ve all seen wrestling games starring a kid, a jacket, a backpack and a high-vis vest. It’s understandable you don’t want to purchase a new bodyglower every year, however wearing a couple sizes too big can affect its purpose. Furthermore you would like to pay attention to the closure. It’s best to pick a vest without velcro as it can ruin pretty scarfs, jackets,.. See what works best for your child. For some a toggle closure is almost a game, while others are more handy with a zipper.

Check the quality!

It seems obvious that a high-vest will make you stand out, unfortunately that’s not always the case. A study of the Belgian government in 2019 showed that only 4 out of 56 high-vis vests were in accordance with the safety regulations and after further investigation 43% were withdrawn. A yellow vest isn’t necessarily fluorescent. At Gofluo we always use materials that comply with the European regulations. For kids we suggest checking if it’s CE-marked or has an EN 1150 or EN 20471 norm on the label. 

A fun reflective accessory to have your back!

When your child cycles to school with a backpack on the back the high-vis vest is partially hidden. Therefore we suggest wearing a reflective backpack cover, clip-on or keychain with light in addition to a safety vest so passersby can notice them from behind as well. 

A different perspective

Look around when you’re in traffic with your little rascals and tell them when someone isn’t visible. This way they learn to see traffic from another perspective. You can also play a little hide and seek during an evening walk to test when they are/aren’t visible and record a small Tiktok to show the results.

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