Celebrate your mama!

GO mama, GO mama!

Your mama has had her pretty eye on a Gofluo bodyglower for a while now.

Here are our favourites!

For the sporty mom's

Our customer service girl Jules loves to go for a run. Her kids often accompany her with their bikes or skates so they can catch up after a busy day. To keep their runs easy breezy we think a breathable bodyglower is the best gift for her.

Breathable bodyglowers

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For all the

Night owl

If your mom is a busy bee who’s always off somewhere, we’ve got the perfect gift for her. Let your mama shine her brightest with a full reflective bodyglower or “darkjacket” as we call them. Whether she’s cycling to a late yoga class, a drink with friends or picking you up after a late soccer practice, let her do it in style.



For the everything homemade mom!

Every time your mom comes to visit you, magically two kilos extra appear on your scale. She bakes the best cookies, pies, and you can’t stop drooling when thinking about her homemade lasagna. Surprise her with a thermal cycling bag to keep all her homemade dishes fresh/warm. Ladies, hide those scales! Mom will keep the cookies coming.

The food magnet

Mom's know best!

Like always, mom’s know best. So there is no shame in getting her a gift card. This way she can pick the best size and the colour she likes best.

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