Shine bright during your workout!

Tips to stay safe during your Pre-dawn or post-sunset workout.

Don’t let dark, chilly nights keep you from outdoor workouts. Pre-dawn or post-sunset is the most peaceful time of the day to go for a run. Working out late at night or in the early morning, can give you the same relaxing feeling as being underwater & put your day-to-day sights in a different light. You can feel completely alone in the world while taking in the quiet, empty streets, or you can go all crazy and practice your ‘phoebe-from-friends’-run.

Let’s get

Wearing all black might be the most flattering look, it’s not how you stand out during a workout. Your goal is to be seen. Pimp your go-to workout look with a safety vest. For long runs, we’d recommend a bodyglower crafted from a perforated, breathable fabric to prevent sweating.


Inhale, Exhale!

Our favourite bodyglowers crafted from a breathable fabric!

Inhale, Exhale! Check out our models crafted from a breathable fabric

Faster than the speed of light!

Reflectors & safety vests will make you extra visible during your workout, however they are crafted from materials that do need other lights to be visible. In case you often cross dark roads without public streetlights, you might consider investing in LED light accessories. You can easily clip them on and off your workout gear.

Who's your buddy?!

Running with friends can be very motivating. However many of us rather go by ourselves so we can run at our own speed. In case you prefer to run solo, let your friends know when/where you’re going or use a GPS app so they can follow your route. If you need inspiration, you can also follow us on Strava!

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