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The best gifts are those with a message. “Stay safe on route”, “Love to see you shine”,.. Nothing says “I care so much about you” more than giving your loved ones a reflective accessory. This year our team went Gofluo all the way under the Christmas tree. Here’s what we got for our loved ones. If you are a part of our personal family: BIG spoiler alert. STOP. READING. NOW.


Twinning outfits

When the oldest daughter of our designer was always wearing her mom’s Darkflow bodyglower – even though it was waaaay too big – we knew we had to make them in kids sizes. All daughters in our team are completely in love with this rainbow design. Kids will often want to wear the same one bodyglower as their parents. 

shop twinning styles

twinning styles

For cool kids

For all teenagers who take safety accessories as something they are too cool for, this waterproof backpack is a great way to start. If you are scared your teenagers take off their bodyglowers once they are out the door, this will assure you. There is no way to go to school without your backpack. 

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shop bags

For little rascals

Our girls love-love-love the reflective snap bands. They always play with them & have even personalized them with their names & drawings. These are a great way to show kids safety accessories don’t have to be boring.

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For little ladies

Moms, grandmas, aunties, all our besties,.. everyone loves this bag. But our teenage daughters who like to be a little taller than they actually are, just can’t seem to keep their hands off it. The daughter of our sales manager Aurelie has had her eye on this reflective crossbody bag for a while now. Better get two Aurelie, I am sure she’ll always want to wear yours. 😉 

gifts for kids

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For those who grow too fast

This dreamy helmet fits head sizes ranging from 49 cm to 53 cm and is designed to grow with your child for years. Starting the age of 8 we recommend to choose a helmet from the adult collection.

For those who want big gifts

Are the things on this year’s wish list waaaay too expensive? Give them a gift voucher so they can save up for their favourite reflective accessory. Write the code of the giftcard on a card with a sweet message.

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