Nice to meet you! My name is Yinthe. All texts you have been reading on this website are written by me. Today I was asked to introduce our team. Let me guide you through it!

About Julie

Julie Vets, our founder is a next level multitasker. When you look at her computer screen, she has thirty windows open and still manages to go from window to window smoothly. Not only at Gofluo, but also at home. The mother of three combines a successful business with her job as mom perfectly. Julie is all about Gofluo, and Gofluo is like Julie. It’s in her personality to take something ugly and make you see the best potential it has. She breathes creativity. Her designs are always enriched with surprising details. Her business approach & concepts come very naturally. Julie is known to be a good matchmaker in her private life. It’s no surprise that Gofluo is a perfect marriage between beauty & function. 

Thank you Joris!

Speaking of a perfect marriage, behind every strong woman, is a hardworking man. We shouldn’t forget to mention Julie’s husband, Joris. We are no damsels in distress, however he does need to save our computers from time to time. He works full time, and yet in times of need, he’s always by our side. Thank you Joris!


About Aurélie

In her free time Aurelie – our export manager – loves working out. Therefore she’s a great reference to test all prototypes for our sports collection. She has three beautiful children, and a really big dog! They are so beautiful, that Julie & I couldn’t help but ask to model for the webshop! So if you see a woman with dark hair and kids who look like her, that’s our export manager! With her many years of experience and speaking four languages fluently, she already managed to double our amount of dealers in less than 6 months. She’s putting Gofluo on the map!

About Anouk

Anouk crossed our paths so organically, we’d have to call it faith. We met when following classes about expanding to the US. Her ambitions, dreams and handson entrepreneurial approach sounded like music to our ears. She felt like part of our team before she even signed her contract.

With her experience in the beauty industry she knows all the secrets to keeping your skin clean and healthy. She radiates positive vibes. Anouk is the kind of woman who sings great – and even plays the violin – yet you’ll always find her humming. As a kid she used to model and perform on stage. Nowadays she prefers going to concerts, playing board games with friends and hanging out with her family.



About Veronika

Since Veronika joined our team, lunchtime hasn’t been the same. Her vegan cooking skills made us drool more than once. As a citizen of the world, she was born in the Czech Republic, lived in Spain, London and Brussels.

After her internship at Alexander McQueen, she made costumes for netflix shows, movies and musicals like dune, hairspray, lost in space,.. In her free time she runs her own label VIMPELOVA. With her passion for sustainability, beautiful bicycles and cycling holidays Veronika embraces all the qualities we craved for in a product developer.

About Karolien

Although Karolien can be described as an introvert, we confirm that still waters do run deep. Our founder and this allrounder met a long time ago when she started working as a design intern at FNG. She did so well they asked her to stay. Today she assists me, Julie & Veronika with the structured side of our creative tasks.  She knows how to stand her ground. Who knew you could chase our factories and team to deliver on time with such charm.

She fully embraced ‘the mom life.’ Her experimental cooking skills made room for kid friendly recipes. Thankfully her kids inherited her love for reading. They are so excited when coming back from a trip to the library, they even want her to read in the morning. Karolien does it all with a smile. 


Back to me!

It’s in my nature to be curious. I love everything that inspires & challenges me. 

As I am the first employee Julie hired, I am kind of an allrounder. As GOFLUO grew from start-up to scale-up, my remit varies by the stage we’re in. From building a new website to organising photoshoots, writing this article and revamping our marketplaces, our team now calls me a creative unicorn. Before you think I am some kind of genius, I never do this all by myself. We have many great partners with employees I consider to be my external colleagues. My main job is to guard our branding. from mailings to postcards – any type of communication you receive from us – i probably had something to do with it. 

Our team

One of the pluses of working at GOFLUO is to be surrounded by our team. Our qualities and personalities magically fit somehow. Everyone is so kind to each other. We believe that people should do what makes them happy, in their private life and in the workplace.

So if you’re a go-getter with a positive mindset, can-do attitude and GOFLUO believer, then please don’t be shy. Apply unsolicited! We’re growing big and are always on the look for talent. Who knows, you might just be the person we didn’t know we were looking for. 

Shine bright always!



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