Why do I have a different size in a product that looks so similar?

At the start we created bodyglowers to wear on top of a coat. As you buy your shirts, sweaters,.. in the same size, our bodyglowers also got the corresponding size. Throughout the years our fans started wearing our products during their outdoor workouts. Because runners don’t wear a winter coat on top of our running wear, one or two sizes down fitted better. In 2021 we launched a sports collection designed to wear without a jacket. So we understand finding the right size can be confusing. 

What’s my size?

To help you find the right fit, we’ve divided our assortment into two categories: the commuter and the performance fit. Within the commuter fit, you’ll find bodyglowers initially designed to wear on top of a coat. Bodyglowers designed for outdoor workouts are labelled with “Performance fit”. You can find the fitting of each bodyglower in the product details.

Commuter fit

In case you want to wear a bodyglower with a commuter fit on top of coat, we advise you to take your regular size. Initially these bodyglowers are designed to wear with a jacket when cycling or walking. If you want to wear this fit without a jacket, for example when going for a run, we advise you to take one size down.

Performance fit

To elevate your comfort when working out, “the performance fit” is designed with a slim fit. When you want to use one of these bodyglowers to workout, you can take your normal size. In case you want to wear a bodyglower with a performance fit on top of a winter coat, it’s best to take one size up.

To measure is to know

You can only be sure by taking the dimensions of your baselayer. Put your coat, sweater,.. flat on a table and measure the widest point. Check in our size guide which size corresponds to your measurements.

Baby got back

The cut of our bodyglowers is quite straight. In case you have a pear-shaped or hourglass figure, it is best to measure the widest point. The commuter bodyglowers often feature a two-way zipper. Keep the lower part open for more leg space when cycling.

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