Rechargeable and powerful wearable light clip for extra visibility and safety in traffic during outdoor activities such as running, cycling, walking or other. Clip on securely to any bag, garment, stroller,..
Every light is equipped with both white and red LEDs so you can switch between white light for front mount and red light for rear mount. Compact and lightweight size.
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  • Clever battery indicator
  • Quick charging (2 hours)
  • USB/Micro USB cable included
  • Water resistant
  • 2 years warranty
  • 3 White LEDs. 2 Red LEDs.
  • 6 modes.
  • Lumen: White 30, Red 7
  • High capacity 350 mAh lithium battery
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Eclipse $21.00
Add to bag

Switch it up!

Switch it up!
6 different modes in one light!

Fix it real good!

Fix it real good!
Easy & fast clip on system.

About Bookman

Bookman creates inspiring visibility products with an aesthetic edge for cyclists, runners and pedestrians that need to see and be seen.
With heavy focus on the details, quality and safety, the design has one goal: to make everyone visible in traffic and prevent accidents.

“Safety doesn’t have to be boring. We’re on a mission to save lives and make everyone visible in traffic.
And to achieve that, our belief is we need to create products that people genuinely love to use.“

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