To be seen_ or not to be seen

To be seen_ or not to be seen

When the days are getting sunnier, we automatically want to leave our coat & bodyglower at home. Don’t get fooled by “what you see is what you get”. Bodyglowers with reflective & neon fabrics do work all day, all night. Let’s dig a little deeper in how to shine as bright as the sun.

Shine_ by day

During the day we wear NEON. Colours such as neon yellow, red, green & orange absorb sunlight and stretch short wavelengths to the point where the radiation becomes visible to the human eye. The re-emitted light reflects a glow which makes you extra visible to your passers-by.

at night

At nightfall we wear REFLECTION. When the sun goes down, there’s no light to radiate. Like small mirrors, reflective fabric boomerangs light back to its source. The reflective glow is only visible in low-light conditions & in the dark.


Hit me baby_ three times more!

Everything goes fast during the morning rush. So fast, that you’ll gladly sign up for 3 more seconds to react to unexpected circumstances. When wearing neon & reflective fabrics you’ll be noticed three times faster. This means that passers-by have three times more time to re-act. So “to wear or not to wear” your bodyglower is no longer a question. Who knew a bodyglower could fulfil a lifelong dream to actually buy time.

A luminous way_ to bright up

Turn your safety accessory into a fashion statement. When in traffic, standing out is a top priority. Luckily, everyone can do this in style. From urban families to serious businessmen and scatterbrains, the blog post below will help you find the reflective accessory that matches your personality.

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