twinning is winning

Wearing a matching safety vest isn’t just a smart choice, it’s also fun! let’s explore the benefits of wearing matching bodyglowers with your family. grab your pups, kids and loved ones and we’re turning heads this season!

numero uno* no more marco polo

wearing matching bodyglowers can serve as a form of identification for your family and pets. if you’re in a busy or crowded area, it can be easier for you to identify your children or dogs if they are wearing matching bodyglowers.

number two* teaching them young

by wearing matching bodyglowers, you can teach your children about the importance of staying visible. it helps instil good habits from an early age, as they understand the significance of being seen in various environments.

twinning is winning

number three* family responsibility

wearing bodyglowers creates a sense of togetherness and strengthens the connection. kids love the idea of “matching” with their furry friends. when they see their pets wearing a bodyglower just like theirs, it fosters a sense of responsibility.

number four* spread good vibes!

your family will catch people’s attention and spark conversations wherever you go. you’ll be amazed at the smiles, compliments, and curious inquiries you’ll receive from passersby.

twinning is winning

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