8 ways to go yolo* with our buff!

Since you only live once, you better make the most out of wearing our yolo* buff. As one of the most versatile items in our collection, it can easily be worn all year round. During winter you’ll snuggle up to the extra soft fabric, whilst in summer it will absorb sweat and protect you from the sun.

the cap

flip the buff inside-out, make a knot, and reverse it. With these three easy steps you’ll transform your buff into a stylish cap to keep you warm during your walks and runs! 

the pirate

Make a knot without flipping the fabric inside out and create a playful cap. Ay ay, cap-tain!

the lazy cap

If you’re all fingers and thumbs when it comes to creating a cap out of your buff, just be lazy. Wear the cap without the flippity-flopping knots.

the foulard

When going for a summer run the foulard is here to protect your head and hair from the sun.  

the hair tie

get your messy hair out of your face and hop on the scrunchie trend. easy, fast and fashionable!

the hairband

Our gofluo team loves running with a hairband and we all have different reasons for it. Mostly we like wearing it to avoid drops of sweat and frizzy hair messing with our clear view. – eyes on the road baby! Our customer service girl Jules hates it when the cold wind blows into her ears. For really cold runs we recommend using our black thermal lulu hairband. Our content creator Yinthe is frantic about losing her airpods. Running with a hairband makes her feel more secure.

the cabrio style

When you’re driving a cabriolet after working out, you can use the buff to keep your hair in place and look good doing so! Just kidding, we just named it the cabrio style because we felt very “chique” wearing the buff this way. This style is perfect to keep your head, ears and neck covered when going for your run.

the wristband

Wipe away sweat when going for a hot summer run or hike with a wristband. In between seasons you might be in doubt when it comes to wearing your buff. No matter the temperature, you can easily take off your buff and wear it as a bracelet. Because you know.. There is no such thing as too much bling.

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