“Started from the kitchen table now we’re here!”

Our founder Julie Vets is a true entrepreneur. As the daughter of the milkman she knew quite well which tours she had to accompany him to get the most pocket money or candy. With that little extra money she often bought fashion magazines, of which she would cut out all of her favorite silhouettes to use as wallpaper. Inevitably she studied fashion. 

Julie is a real go-getter, who knows what she wants. During her teens she created a small sewing room in her parents garage where she altered clothes for friends and family. After her graduation she started working as a product developer & stylist for FNG & Fashion Club 70.


An eye for detail.

Her wardrobe is one to dream of. Beautiful classy fabrics and surprising textures with a dash of glitter. Julie loves putting her, and her kids’ outfits together. From pretty high knee socks to colorful headbands – they are always dressed down to the last detail. When dropping off her kids to school, she couldn’t bear watching all those ugly safety vests. However, she did want her kids to be safe and visible in traffic. 

Visible on the road

“As a young mother I was scared my family wouldn’t be visible on the road.” Julie explains. “Honestly, I really didn’t like safety vests. I would spend time & money on a nice coat, which you wouldn’t even see as I had to wear something so ugly on top of it.”

Julie has an eye for cool, new brands. And yet, she couldn’t find any good-looking hi-vis accessories. When her quest stayed unsuccessful, she put her professional skills into good use and started creating them herself. During her second pregnancy in 2016, she designed the first, kid-proof bodyglowers with easy closures, cool prints, and fun decorative elements. It took two years to turn her DIY project into certified-approved safety vests. One month after giving birth to her third kid in 2018, she launched the first fashion conscious collection of high-visibility vests.

We choose our outfits carefully.

“We choose our outfits carefully. Why not pay the same attention to fluorescent & reflective accents? For example, my kids ruined multiple sweaters & scarves with the velcro straps on their first safety vests. It’s not their fault, they are kids. However, I prefer to keep my knitwear nice. That’s why you’ll never see velcro on our designs. A safety vest can save your life. As you wear it daily, it’s okay to want a vest that meets some requirements.”  

We never stand still!

As a designer, she is always on the look for new, fashionable ways to stand out in traffic. “And we never stand still.” Julie explains. “By the end of the year we will launch a collection with Hi-Vis workout wear in a breathable stretch fabric. We’re constantly looking at how to upgrade our designs and create more innovative products.”

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