Let's go!

Are your laptop and office bag the perfect match? Follow the three steps below to find out! If you have more questions, our customer service chickie Jules is more than happy to assist.

First things first!

Measure your laptop diagonally. As some laptops have are thicker you have to include the borders.

The battle: inch vs cm

Calculate the inches. 1 inch is 2.54 cm. For example. If your laptop is 44 cm you divide it through 2.54. This total is “the inch” of your laptop. In this example our laptop is 17.32 inch.


44 : 2,54 = 17,32!

What's the case?

This laptop fits into the Robin office bag without sleeve. The laptop compartment is padded so it’s no longer necessary to use extra protection. If you want your laptop to fit with the sleeve, it’s best you redo the first step with the sleeve.

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