the ultimate gift guide

The best gifts are those with a message. “Stay safe on route”, “Love to see you shine”,.. Nothing says “I care so much about you” more than giving your loved ones a reflective accessory. This year our team went Gofluo all the way under the Christmas tree. Here’s what we got for our loved ones. If you are a part of our personal family: BIG spoiler alert. STOP. READING. NOW.


For stylish señoritas

My mom, grandma, aunties and my besties… they’re all over the moon about our reflective beige styles. These classy beige trench and bodywarmer reflect when it’s getting dark. So bye, bye worries, hello stylish señoritas! from now on you will catch everyones eye within 150 meters. 🙌

The ultimate gift guide

For fit friends

This year my sister really leveled up her running game. As a proud big sister I am gifting her a little “I am thinking of you & I am proud” present. This thermal hairband is just that little practical gift that i was looking for. She tried on mine and loved that it’s super soft and warm. I hope this will motivate her to keep up with her running routine during the holidays. 

The ultimate gift guide

For boss ladies

Our founder & CEO is always flaunting this pannier on her way to meetings. When your commute is over, you can pull the big shoulder strap out of the bag & carry it around easily. This pannier has multiple compartments & a separate laptop storage which makes it super easy to get your belongings organized.

Not only boss ladies love this bag, it’s also a big win amongst students who cycle to school.

The ultimate gift guide

For lovers

if these gloves don’t scream ‘i love you to the moon and back’ we don’t know what will.

For furry friends

A couple months ago a car pulled out of its driveway & didn’t see our small doggy walking in front of me. I was just on time to pull her away. As we always like to get our dog a small present during the holidays, this one is perfect. I got my mother and little sister the darkflow so they can go on matchy walks. 

The ultimate gift guide

For running addicts

Every year I give myself a gift, as well. I certainly don’t put myself first, but do put this at the top of this list because I secretly think it’s the coolest thing ever. I gave myself the cityglow leggings and blackout top to light up the streets. Run baby, run!

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