Gofluo stands for


Don’t let the “It’s getting dark” excuse stop you from taking your bicycle or go for a run.

Safety with a dash of Fun!

We want to create products that keep you safe & put you in a good mood daily.


We want our products to stand by your side like a good partner in crime, your body-glowing-guard in traffic!

Unique details!

Our designer Julie always finds a unique way to implement surprising details.


Fun Hi-vis wear in which you actually want to be seen.


We select our fabrics carefully. We want our products to last long!


Some of our bodyglowers are crafted from breathable fabric, with a hoodie, two-way zippers, side pockets,.. Features that usually do not go hand in hand with regular safety vests.


 In case you have any questions, or complaints we always try to give the best possible service. We only believe in solutions.

Let's inspire each other!

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