What to wear when running

Dress the part_

Keeping up with your running routine isn’t easy when the weather is fickle. A well-known tip is dressing like the temperature is 10-15 degrees warmer outside. However when standing in front of your closet, this tip isn’t always super clear to apply.

The cold winter run_

Nothing beats a cold winter run. Feeling the cold wind on your face tickling your nose. Winter runs are all about layering. This set is crafted from a soft thermal fabric to keep you extra warm. In winter you’ll want to run with leggings that go all the way up to your ankles. This way your body doesn’t have to work as hard to stay warm. Protect your head & ears from the cold with a headband. Leave the top of your head uncovered to allow warmth to slip away.

The in-between seasons run_

This Long sleeve top is a perfect in-between layer. When it’s getting colder, yet not thermo-cold, you can wear this top. Don’t let the long sleeves fool you. The reflective panels are crafted from a perforated fabric, allowing a cool breeze to cool you down. The soft fabric absorbs sweat & is a perfect base-layer. Finish your look with a breathable bodyglower on top to be extra visible.

Running in the rain_

Adding a thin layer to protect you from rain isn’t a luxury when it comes to your running gear. This jacket is very thin, yet protects you from rain. Avoid wearing too many layers. It will all get wet and you’ll have to complete your run with more heavy, wet clothing. Our waterproof jacket doesn’t have a hoodie inside as it’s nicer to run with a cap to keep rain out of your eyes.

From summer to winter_

Depending on the season you can easily change your base layer with this loose-fitted hoodie. When it’s getting cold outside you can add a thermal base underlayer. During the summer you’ll enjoy the sleeveless design as it benefits airflow and creates ventilating airways to keep you fresh as a daisy.

every season

Wearing all black might be the most flattering look, it’s not how you stand out during a workout. Your goal is to be seen. Pimp your go-to workout look with a bodyglower to be extra visible.


Adjust to your wishes_

All tops in this collection are finished with a sports zipper & drawstrings. Unzip/untighten your top after your warm-up to create airflow. With a zip-up collar you don’t need the extra weight of a scarf to keep your neck warm and you can easily unzip it when it’s getting too warm.

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