“Started from the kitchen table now we are here”

Gofluo is a small, Belgian based, start-up founded by Julie Vets. As a young mother with a background in fashion, Julie couldn’t bear watching all those ugly safety vests when dropping off her kids to school. However, she did want her kids to be safe and visible in traffic. Although Julie has an eye for cool, new brands, she couldn’t find any fun, good-looking high-vis accessories. Convinced that high-vis wear can also look hip and fashionable she started drawing the first designs for Gofluo in 2016.

About Gofluo

Grow big or go home!

Two years later, after finally receiving official CN1150 certificates for her bodyglowers, she launched the first collection with fashionable safety vests. Her project grew into a real business fast. As business was booming, she had to look into investors so she could produce bigger quantities. Thanks to Flanders DC she found her business match with Hendrik Winkelmans from the investment group Freshmen.

More than just a pretty picture

In her second collection she designed safety vests for adults with more functional features. Hoodies, sidepockets,.. even Two-way zippers were implemented for extra comfort when cycling. Bestsellers like Darkflow & Darknight were born in this phase and are still re-produced every year by popular demand. 

As many people started wearing her safety vests during their workouts, Julie went looking for a reflective, breathable fabric. Her smart designs are perfect for outdoor workouts. For cycling fans she designed the model Darkchamp. This safety vest is inspired by the rainbow jersey worn by the world champion in cycling. As this was such a success, you can expect more workout wear soon!

What’s in a name.

We wanted a name comprehending what we are about. GOFLUO, says it all. We want you to go-go-go, and stay visible always. 

We’ve created this brand for go-getters with a positive mindset. For those who are unstoppable, who show up early, be home late and keep beaming everywhere in between.

Our slogan “show up” embraces our philosophy completely.

We aim to be your biggest supporter. We want to motivate you so nothing and no-one can stop you. That you may go in traffic confident. Through rain, wind, sun and darkness, we want to be a part of your daily route and help you reach your goals. Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no ally dark enough, to keep us from reminding you to keep going!

Happy in Fluo

In a fun and accessible way, Julie wants to motivate young and old to be visible in traffic.

“Every day, thousands of us hop on our bikes or walk to school and work. We go jogging, walk the dog, or cycle to unwind. On all these occasions we are vulnerable road users. It’s vitally important to wear the right reflective accessories. Gofluo wants to help you turn into an eye-catcher in a fashionable way, and thereby reducing the risk of accidents whilst in traffic. Winter, summer, morning or evening – being visible in traffic is always a must.” Julie explains.

The team!

In 2020 Julie expanded her collection with more bodyglowers, jackets & bodywarmers. She hired her first employees.

“I am very excited to build a team. My husband has been a big support in this process but it’s time to “go big or go home”. For the future I hope to sell worldwide, to make our products a success & hopefully save many lives. By the end of 2020 I hired a content creator & export manager to put our brand on the map, and reach more stores and customers offline- and online. Currently we are looking for someone to help us with our customer services to help all the customers my two employees are attracting. Honestly, I am very happy I found them. They are doing a great job.”

What's next?!

Gofluo is on a very exciting journey. For the future we’re expanding our rainwear, activewear and bag collection. “And we never stand still.” Julie explains ”We’re constantly looking at how to upgrade our designs and create more innovative products.” We want to be the go-to brand for everyone who’s on the go. As the micro-mobility movement is growing fast, we’re bound to grow our collection along.

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