Pick your VIP body-glowing-guard!

Gofluo wants to motivate young & old to be visible in traffic.
Therefore we offer a wide range of products to make you visible in a fun, fashionable way.
Find out which bodyglower matches your personality best!

The urban family

Set a good example and wear a matching bodyglower with your kids.
Check out our ‘Twinning is winning!’-article to have a good overview of our matching bodyglowers!

Sporty Spice

For all the sporty ladies we recommend our breathable perforated hoodie. This bodyglower is crafted from a perforated fabric to prevent sweating. For now we recommend pimping your sport outfit with a reflective snap band, reflective clips or clip-on light. By the end of 2021 we’ll be able to present you a full workout look to shine bright day & night!

The fashionista

Our cropped bodywarmer is perfect for a showstopping safety-statement! This reversible bodywarmer looks super cool combined with a long coat.

The teenager that doesn't want to be seen in wear hi-vis.

For teenage boys we recommend our cool, bomber jacket-inspired safety vest Rocco. They can also take a look at our collection for adults as teenage kids with size 152 & 164 fit size XXS & XS. When your kids are still convinced they don’t want to be seen wearing a safety vest after seeing our collection, a backpack cover will do the trick! Many of our covers are water repellent and are very easy to attach to your backpack. They all have a loop to personalize your cover with a cool keychain or light. We also have super cool, reflective gadgets like snap bands and magnetic clip-ons to pimp their outfits.

The daily commute

In case you mostly wear your bodyglower when cycling to work, you might like a model with a two-way zip. As these zippers can open your vest at the bottom & top, you can create more space around the hips when sitting down. Combined with a longer back, you can comfortably bend forward and move your legs more freely.

During the cold, dark winter days we’d recommend putting a bodyglower on top of your cosy winter coat. Once the temperature is going up, a bodywarmer might be the perfect mid-layer. A sleeveless vest gives you more space to move freely. You can easily lean forward, and your lower back stays covered because it’s less likely to slide up. You’ll never be too warm or too cold again when you wear an item like this cycling to work.

Sporty cycling fans

For all cycling fans we created a breathable safety vest, inspired by the rainbow jersey worn by the world champion in cycling. Just like our models for commuters this vest has a two-way zip and longer back so you can comfortably bend forward and move your legs more freely.

The business type

You always arrive to work classy and in style. Obviously you want to be safe while commuting, however a thin safety vest just feels a bit foolish on top of your nice suit. A reversible bodywarmer to the rescue! During the workday you’ll wear the navy dark blue or dark green side, which looks good with every outfit. When in traffic, you flip the jacket to the reflective-fluorescent side to be extra visible.

The hasty type

“Did I pack my kids lunch?”, “Did I get my keys, wallet,..?”,.. There are many things we have to think about before hopping on our bicycles. And then, when we are finally good to go, we notice we forgot to put on our safety vests. To make life a bit more easy, we created a full reflective jacket with fluorescent details. One thing less to worry about in the morning!